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  On the way of anti epidemic, he has turned into the brightest light, bright and bright. "


  Novel coronavirus pneumonia patients who were cured and discharged from hospital in the forenoon of Wuchang hospital in Wuhan, Hubei Province, were travelling away in the morning of February 20th. The nurse watched for a long time and murmured, "more and more patients have been discharged, but our dean will never come back." He is the first president of our country to fall into the clutches of the epidemic since the epidemic, Liu Zhiming, the hero of anti epidemic.


  Liu Zhiming's body has an inexplicable affinity, which has a great relationship with his appearance. A square face shows the heroic spirit of a man. His broad forehead implies wit and intelligence. His eyes are shining, casting a resolute light. The corners of his mouth often emit a gentle smile, and the sense of kindness comes naturally.


  He was worried that the nutrition of the medical staff could not keep up, and asked the canteen food to add more eggs and fruits. It is not hard to imagine that the medical staff in the hospital heard this sentence, and their hearts were turbulent. They would not think of the improvement of their food quality in any case, and even penetrated into the meticulous care of the hospital director.


  He is very generous with others, but his work is very serious. In particular, when Wuhan Wuchang hospital was designated as the second wholesale designated hospital for the diagnosis and treatment of fever patients, Liu Zhiming received the task to change the outpatient department into fever outpatient department and observation ward within two hours, and transfer out the original 499 patients within two days, leaving 500 beds for the patients in the hospital. He did not sleep, after two days of transferring patients and emergency transformation of the ward, it was a very difficult task to complete. On the day of large-scale treatment of patients, Liu Zhiming himself was also in bed. A novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed in his lung infection and was admitted to the intensive care unit. Even though he was lying in bed, he was also thinking of hospitals and patients. But it seems that God didn't really peep at him, so he took his life hastily. On February 18, 2020, he left, so suddenly. When the hearse left the hospital, many people were shocked. I can't believe it's the healthy, strong and sunny one. After the hearse, a woman rushed out of the hospital gate, struggling to see him in the pull of the people beside her. The woman's face was covered with a white mask, and a pair of red eyes were reflected in the goggles, which could not restrain her grief and her emotions were out of control. She is his wife, Cai Liping. How could she think that the SMS on her mobile phone is their eternal formula.


  People will not disappear, he will always live in the hearts of some people, while President Liu is slightly different, he lives in the hearts of all of us and becomes eternal.


  She is a good son of the Chinese nation, a worthy national backbone, our eternal pride.


  Mr. Liu Zhiming is a doctor with high medical ethics.



  We will win the war without gunpowder. -- inscription


  "In the sound of firecrackers, the spring breeze warms Tu su." In the sound of firecrackers again and again, we have successfully entered 2020, but in this year, something unexpected happened - the discovery of a new type of coronavirus in China. Now, more than 10000 people have been infected with the virus, which has eclipsed Asian lions


  But the virus didn't make us shrink back: when we learned that the epidemic in Wuhan was extremely bad, many angels in white immediately gave up their holidays and asked for their orders to go to Wuhan and choose to be a rebel. Zhong Nanshan was one of them. In 2003, he was ordered to fight against SARS, 17 years later. In 2020, he came to the front again to fight against the new type of pneumonia. He is 84 years old. He should have enjoyed life at home happily, but he still sticks to the front line of anti epidemic. Like him, other doctors and nurses give up the time of reunion with their relatives, fight against the disease, eat the simplest instant noodles, and fall asleep when they are tired at any place. They are all the most beautiful reversers. As the saying goes, no matter what time is quiet, only someone is carrying a load.


  Besides them, of course, volunteers have also made great contributions. Many capable people donate money to Wuhan, such as masks and protective clothing. A large number of rescue teams went to Wuhan to fight against the new pneumonia. It is said that if one side is in trouble, all sides should support it. On January 24, a non-woven fabric enterprise in a town had bright lights, and the enterprise was putting full power into the production of masks. In order to meet the needs of the epidemic, the workers who should have taken the leave gave up the Spring Festival holiday and resolutely returned to work. The factory director said the workers returned to work three times their wages, ensuring 240000 masks a day and providing materials for medical staff.


  In 2003, Xiaotangshan Hospital was built in seven days and nights in China due to SARS. Now, China will build huoshenshan hospital in seven days, with an increase of 1300 beds to provide services for the hospital.


  Now that we have successfully isolated the virus, I believe that a vaccine will be developed soon. In general, we should wash our hands and wear masks frequently, go out less and exercise more, and reduce the contact with dense crowd. Unite as one to support Wuhan. Come on, Wuhan, China. We are sure to succeed in this anti epidemic campaign.



  In the Spring Festival of 2020, an epidemic sweeping across China hit, and the happy reunion turned into a battlefield of life and death. In the face of such a disaster, I have never been afraid, not ignorant and fearless, but I have witnessed the unity of the Chinese people, I believe in the power of China!


  What gives me courage and strength is not only the selfless and fearless medical staff who fought with academician Zhong Nanshan in the front line of the epidemic, but also the people who my father and he stick to their posts.


  On the second day of the new year, in the hot kitchen, the fragrance of all kinds of delicious food came out, "Mom, why hasn't my dad come back? I'm starving! " I grumbled and grumbled and ate around the table. "It must be overtime again. Go and make a phone call." My mother was busy with her work and gave the highest order. I made a quick call, "Dad..." "I'll be back in a minute." Looking at the hung up phone, I really have no words, so I understand why mom doesn't love to call dad, and I don't want to hang up without saying anything! It turns out that working in dad's heart is always the first thing. Dad is not a medical staff, he is just a cadre working in the grass-roots office. He didn't stay with his family when the epidemic happened, but rushed to the front line of fighting the epidemic.


  "Hey, son, I forgot to tell my family at the meeting just now. Tell your mother that we have an urgent task tonight. Don't wait for me. I don't know when it will be finished..." Dad's phone interrupted my meditation, listening to the phone, I was more satisfied with the unhappy: hum, and overtime! Where can I have time to set off firecrackers? On the thirties of the lunar new year, my father took the lead in staying on duty. On the first day of the lunar new year, he celebrated the new year with his family. On the second day of the lunar new year, he immediately rushed to work as soon as he received the notice, led us to check and stabilize the community residents, and came home very late every day. Alas, this year is so boring that even family reunion has become a luxury.


  In the next few days, dad was still busy, sometimes he went home late and called to arrange the epidemic prevention work. Looking out of the window at the dark night, I seem to see that in the cold wind, the community cadres are still investigating the residents' travel situation and posting the leaflets I will never be angry with my father again. Through the Internet and TV, I have a deeper understanding of the epidemic. To study and rest at home is to make the greatest contribution to the new crown epidemic prevention and the greatest support for my father's work.


  When you complain about being bored at home, you know how many people are risking their lives and staying at work! When you are looking forward to going out of the house to relax, you can know how many people are looking forward to the reunion time in front of the dinner table at home! Our time is quiet, how many people like dad are carrying on the load! And it is precisely because there are thousands of people like dad who give up their family for everyone, stick to their posts, and are honorable and lovely. I always believe that China's power will defeat this new crown epidemic. Dad, come on! Come on, Wuhan! Go China!

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